Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Temple (Cricket) Vest

My Dad wanted a white vest to wear so he wouldn't get chilled when he's in the Provo Temple. My parents went out shopping to try and find one, but couldn't. While they were shopping my Dad said to my Mom, "Why are we shopping for a vest when Allison could knit one for me?!"

Card by BlondeDesigns

We found some 100% worsted weight white wool at a very reasonable price and I adjusted a free pattern I found on It didn't get done until his birthday at the beginning of February, but my Dad is happy as a clam about it.

My dear knitting friend who is from Australia said to me when I showed her what I was working on, "Oh, your Dad could wear it to play cricket!" I had a laugh thinking of my 78 year old Dad playing cricket in the temple. Hee, hee!

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